5 Snoring Remedies

Another family reunion, another chance to laugh about Uncle Ben’s snoring problem. The fact that Uncle Ben is snoring so loudly that he wakes up the neighbors’ dog might be funny, but in what concerns him and his wife, they might have a totally different opinion.

When we sleep our muscles relax, as this happens, the throat becomes narrower, the tongue falls backward and when we breathe the specific sound of snoring is created. The more your throat narrows, the louder the sound gets. Besides just the relaxation of the muscles, there are other causes of snoring like excessive fat around the neck, old age and blocked airways.

Snoring affects people of all ages and is more common in men than in women. It can have negative consequences on the quality of one’s life, because it can make it hard for one to fall asleep (and maybe harder for the one that’s sleeping next to him), the fatigue and tiredness that builds up will eventually make you less vigilant during daytime, less productive at work, grumpier and affect your relationships.

“Being so unpleasant it is important to know how we can treat it. Here are 5 remedies that might help you get rid of snoring”

1. Live Healthier –  As we know having fat around your neck can enhance the narrowing of it and thus leading to a louder snoring noise. Leading a better lifestyle, where you include at least 30 minutes of exercising a day, get rid of the junk food diet and start eating properly will help you feel better, sleep better, and lose weight eventually, especially that fat around your neck.  Watch over the consumption of alcohol also because it can make your muscles over relaxed and make it more likely for you to snore during sleep.

2. Don’t be a workaholic – As much as you would want to stay overtime and finish that long and difficult project, working yourself harder than it is necessary will end up with you getting home really tired. When hitting the bed you’ll eventually fall into a deep sleep and your body will relax more than usual, leading once again to snoring.

3. Get that pillow you’ve always wanted to – sleep in a better position – An old and overused pillow, besides having a lot of allergens and dust which on themselves create a lot of problems- can no longer offer you the needed neck support. Consider investing in a good quality pillow that inclines your head a few degrees so that it makes it easier to breathe during the night, also preventing the tongue from slipping backward.  Don’t sleep on your back without a proper pillow and try to get used to sleeping on your side- this won’t put too much pressure on your throat and will make it easier to breathe.

4. Anti-snoring mouth appliances – there are a lot of models to choose from and come at different prices. An anti-snoring mouth appliance works by improving the way you breathe, by bringing the lower jaw and tongue forward during sleep

5. Consult a physician – If the above steps fail to do you any good and ease the snoring problem, consider talking to a physician. He will run some tests and determine how bad your snoring is and, if necessary, will recommend one medical procedure or another (traditional surgery, implants, etc.)

“Try one of the steps above and let us know if they were of any help to you
Snoring can be a real pain but with the proper steps you can make it become just a forgotten bad dream”

2016-02-21/Doriana Lewis