5 Factors that Cause Sleep Apnea

1 in 4 men do it, 1 in 7 women do it. The reason why some nights dad made mom go and sleep on the sofa, and why, in your childhood, you woke up scared by the unknown and unpleasant loud sound coming from your parent’s bedroom, snoring affects people of all ages.

Some theories suggest that snoring was used as a defense mechanism thousand of years ago, when people lived in caves, to scare away any predators. It is one of the loudest noises humans can make, and that is not a thing we can now, in our civilized world, be proud of. Besides from not letting our close one sleep well (studies suggest that the well-being of couples in which one of the partners snore is considerably affected), snoring can make us irritable, have headaches and a feeling of fatigue the next day. It can also be a sign of a worse medical condition called sleep apnea (inability to breathe while sleeping).

“Vibration of the soft palate (the soft part on the back of your mouth where your uvula is located) is the reason you snore, as the lungs try to get the oxygen trough the blocked airways. There are multiple factors that can cause snoring, out of which we will list the following 5:

1. Excessive fat

One of the first suggestions your doctor will give you for treating snoring is to try and loose weight. Lack of exercise may cause fat to store in and on your throat. If this happens your air channel is obstructed and so the air that passes trough you throat in your lungs makes your excessive tissue to vibrate and you end up making loud snoring noises. Men are more likely to snore because they store fat on the neck, rather that women, on whom, the fat sets itself around the thighs.

2. Bad sleeping posture – Snoring is more likely to appear in people sleeping on their back. People who snore are told to try and sleep on their side because in this way their mouth will probably not be open and the tongue won’t slip backward (another cause of snoring).

3. Drugs – In order to fall asleep faster or to sleep with no interruption some people take certain kind of drugs. The effect drugs have on you and your snoring is that they tend to over-relax you and so you throat muscles, that should be tight, relax and block the airways, thus leading to snoring.

4. Alcohol  – Unhealthy habit such as consumption of alcoholic drinks. Alcohol will induce a state of relaxation and make your body less tense. As in the case of drugs, your muscles relax and snoring appears.

5. Age – Studies show that the more one advances in age, the more one tends to snore, even if he didn’t snore while younger.  With about 30% of the population suffering from it, multiple factors cause snoring. Ranging from mild to really loud, it affects our sleep, our relations and our health.

 2016-02-21/Doriana Lewis