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Exchanges, Returns and Refunds.

If you don’t like your EZPEDIC Bamboo mattress will pick it up and refund your money no questions asked, no worries.  Additionally, we offer mattress toppers to customize your comfort if you decide you want it a little firmer or softer feel.

How much weight can my mattress hold?

By using a 1.8 density Support Layer, the EZPEDIC meets the highest industry standards. Therefore,  there are no weight limitations.

What's inside the EZPEDIC Bamboo mattress by Therapedic Sleep Products?

The EZPEDIC consists of 3 layers. On the bottom, we start with a 1.8llb high-density, 5.5-inch polyurethane foam core which forms the perfect base providing support and durability, no more aches and pains. Next, 3 inches of proprietary Modular foam, which distributes air while it relieves pressure by contouring to your body. Then we add 1.5 inches of Gel infused memory foam keeps you cool by drawing air away from your body as you sleep. We top it off with a Bamboo fabric cover which wicks away moisture so you stay dry while you sleep.

Where was my mattress put together?

The EZPEDIC is designed, manufactured, and assembled by Therapedic Sleep Products in their national plant located in New Jersey.

Is my mattress fire retardant?

EZPEDIC by Therapedic uses an industry-standard “fire sock.”  All of our mattresses have passed through a grueling flame-resistance testing, prior to mass production.  Rest assured that your mattress is held to the same standards that traditional mattresses are subject to—so you know it’s safe. Our EZPEDIC by Therapedic mattress line meets all Federal regulations US CFR 1633 & 1632 and administered by the US Consumer Products Safety Commission.

What about movement transfer when sleeping in bed with a partner?

Foam mattresses inherently have a high degree of motion separation. Our use of latex and memory foam enhances the degree of motion separation.

Is it normal for my new mattress to smell?

Some think there is a slight smell which may be attributed to the opening of the cells in a foam mattress.  However, during the first week, any slight or faint smell should disappear. Remember it’s normal  and harmless, and will resolve quickly. If fact the type of foams that we used in your mattress are the same type that is found in your sofa, car seats, and beneath your carpets at home, however, the foam used in your mattress is of a higher quality.

When can I expect to receive my EZPEDIC mattress?

Generally, standard size mattresses will ship within 24 to 48 hours. Custom size mattress, in most cases, will ship within 7 to 14 days.  Upon shipment, you will receive an email from UPS, Ground Services, on behalf of EZPEDIC with the most current tracking information.

Will you remove my exisiting mattress?

Our shipment methods do not allow for the removal of your old mattress. We recommend contacting your trash hauler, your local municipality or in the case of apartments, condominiums or town houses contact the management company.

Do I pay for shipping?

Shipping is included within the continuous 48 states. There are no shipping charges added at the time of purchase.

Will you help me set up my mattress?

Delivery is to your door via UPS ground service. Set up is designed to be easy as

1. Take the mattress roll out of the box.

2. Take the mattress in rolled up form and place it on the platform, slat bed, box spring or foundation.

3. Carefully cut open the outer layer of plastic. Watch the mattress unroll, slip it out of the plastic bag and in 15 minutes it’s ready for sleep.

Why is the EZPEDIC so much less than the mattresses in retail stores?

By limiting selection and delivering direct from our factory to the customer, our purpose is to create a great value for our customers. We’ve created efficiencies that reduce our costs which we pass on to you.

Please tell me about the size and weight of the mattress when shipped.

We designed the EAZ by Therapedic bed-in-a-box to easily fit through a standard doorframe.

Box size (for all mattress sizes)

47 x 16 x 16

Weight (mattress + box)

Twin:              40  pounds

Full:                54  pounds

Queen:           65  pounds

King:               78  pounds

What should I expect when my mattress arrives at my home?

Your new mattress arrives in a specially designed carton for easy handling. The actual mattress is wrapped in a plastic sock prior to being rolled and placed in the box. Once you open the carton you will find a full set of instructions on removal and assembly. We understand that some may be challenged by the weight of the product.  We have conducted extensive testing, with individuals of all body shapes and sizes, and offer the following suggestions:

  • open the box in close proximity to your bed
  • place the mattress on the bedding surface
  • carefully remove the plastic sock
  • watch the mattress expand to its intended dimensions ready for use
Do I have to be at home for delivery?

For most orders, our shipping company most likely UPS, will leave the box at your front door. If you have special delivery needs, call our Customer Care staff @ 800-601-9521.

When will my credit card be charged?

We charge your credit card at the time of purchase.

Tell me more about the EZPEDIC Bamboo mattress by Therapedic?

The EZPEDIC is designed to offer best in class support, materials, and craftsmanship.  We take pride in craftsmanship; the mattress seams are sewn and reinforced with a durable tape edge. This method takes more time and is more costly than n using a zip on cover, we believe it’s worth the time and effort.

What setup do you recommend for the EZPEDIC?


Our mattresses work with slat support systems, platform beds, and traditional box springs and foundations.

How does the mattress feel?

How something feels is a personal description. That being said we’ve designed our mattress to have a plush top and a medium firm feel. You’ll get the plush contouring feel from the gel memory and modular foam layers while the support comes from our 1.8 pound high density support core.

Tell me more about the 120-night trial.

If you don’t like your EZPEDIC Bamboo Mattress will pick it up and refund your money no questions asked, no worries.  Additionally, we offer mattress toppers to customize your comfort if you decide you want it a little firmer or softer feel.

About the mattress size.

Twin                 38″ width x 74″ length x 10″ height

Twin XL           38″ width x 79″ length x 10″ height

Full                   53″ width x 74″ length x 10″ height

Queen              60″ width x 79″ length x 10″ height

King                 76″ width x 79″ length x 10″ height

Cal King          72″ width x 83″ length x 10″ height

Can I clean the cover of my new mattress?

You can clean your mattress cover and recommend the following:

  • our mattress covers are sewn on to enhance durability and cannot be removed
  • if you have a stain, without applying too much pressure use a damp cloth to spot clean the area
  • allow the surface to air dry, as opposed to using any heating utilities like a hair dryer
  • we do not recommend the use of any commercial cleaning devices on your EZPEDIC 
  • if you have any questions, please feel free to contact our customer service department
    @ 800-601-9521

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