5 Simple rules for an efficient nap! 

It 12:30 p.m. Your lunch time. You raise from your desk with only one thing in mind: coffee. You get to the coffee machine and start it. Just before the coffee is done one of your colleagues is passing by and mentions napping. You leave the coffee on the table and go in search for a sleeping place. Your lunch break is about 40 minutes long. The right amount of time to get a good power nap.

“Power napping is the best way to get back to your peak performance when you feel like your energy level is fading away”

Done for the right amount of time (20, 60 or 90 minutes) a power nap will boost your energy level, make you more alert, increase your attention and creativity and make you as productive just as a good night of sleep would. Studies show that a power nap is as effective as a good night’s sleep and way more efficient than just coffee. With all this in mind, it is important for us to know how we can get the most out of this practice. In the following moments, you are about to find out just how to do that.

1. Find an intimate and isolated place – Companies who acknowledged that the health and happiness of their employees influences in direct proportion the health and wealth of the company are starting to build special sleeping rooms; companies like Google, Cisco, P&G have a special kind of napping chairs which come with a built-in speaker system and a so cold “privacy visor”. If you are not one of the happy employees of one of these companies, you can still find a restful place, be it the office chair and desk if necessary.

2. Silence the surroundings – A peaceful and silent place is essential if you are looking forward to falling asleep fast and not be disturb whilst. If you are surrounded by coworkers try at least to have some earplugs or, better, earbuds at you and put your favorite music on while you drift into sleep.

3. Make the room as dark as possible – We are naturally made in such a manner that when it’s dark we tend to be sleepier. To ensure you a good nap try blocking all sources of light or use a sleep mask. Try your best to make the best environment for sleeping, even if for a short period of time.

4. Know when to stop

As important it is to fall asleep it is equally important to know when to wake up. Napping not enough or too much does no good to you. As much as power napping is an art, it is also a science. The best results seem to be when you sleep for 10-20mintes (increase in alertness), 60 minutes (increase in memory) and 90 minutes (increase in creativity). Waking up anywhere in between these periods might result in sleep inertia or grogginess.

5. Drink coffee

On its own, coffee might not produce the best results, but putting it together with a good power nap of 20 minutes will boost your energy levels a lot. Coffee kicks in after 40 minutes from when you’ve consumed it and its effects will set in right after you wake up. We do not recommend to do it very often tough because coffee might impair your sleep when night time comes.

Sleeping at work is no longer considered laziness and is starting to be more and more promoted and praised. Be sure you take these 5 steps for a more efficient nap to increase your productivity at work, at home and to increase, in the end, the quality of your everyday life.

016-02-20/Doriana Lewis